TV Escape Room – General Hospital

TV Escape Room

Back on November 20th 2018, American soap opera General Hospital aired an episode where many of the main characters attended an escape room as a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.

I’ve linked a Youtube playlist here which includes all the clips of the tv escape room in play.

Plus I kept track of my thoughts as I watched it, just for fun.


  • Port Charles Manor of Mayhem – that’s a great escape company name.
  • I think this ringer knows less about playing escape rooms and more about sleeping with the ladies.
  • This escape room doesn’t have anywhere to put their coats? That sucks.
  • Yessss to the bored employee reading the game script they know by heart but have lost all will to live.
  • One of these mannequin’s person’s real life person victim whatever, they’re going to turn out to be alive aren’t they?
  • Using local crime stories hits a little too close to home for these players doesn’t it.
  • Oh noooo they’re locked in, what?!?!?
  • They need Escape Room Master.
  • We’re trapped in here for the night? Oh lord.
  • “One way we can definitely get out of here. Beat the game!” Yes. That’s the point.
  • “It’s just a gum wrapper – do you think it’s a clue?” Some of those Red Herrings maybe…
  • Feeling up the mannequin eh? Typically those mannequins would be naked and in pieces on the floor by now.
  • Soap opera has to maintain ominous long stares to build tension before a commercial break – but those don’t happen in escape rooms because people are usually yelling.
  • Helps that these people were friends with the murder victims, and murderers, they know all the details.
  • Intelligent Electronic Lock – where can you get one of those?
  • Dude you didn’t even turn it on – oh there we go.
  • I’m glad no one asked what you use a floppy disk for.
  • “Diego – the text message killer right?” Geez this town has issues.
  • Man that’s a great prop phone
  • I’m quite enjoying how the score is amping tension as if they’re really in danger, and not for hilarious adrenaline like players usually experience haha.
  • Hidden room ALERT
  • 6 minutes oh no! This door is locked too? Wow what a surprise.
  • There’s like 4 puzzles in each game. No way this took them an hour.
  • Ominous buh buh buhhhhh
  • “Are there any clues we haven’t used yet?” – This guy’s the real ringer
  • Sorry what? Ice Princess? I mean I guess, but that’s some serious logic jumping
  • Oh god if confetti fell from the ceiling every time a group won? The cleanup… the reset!! And in the lobby?!?
  • Oooh villainous twins – and of course this whole experience leads to the show hinting the villain is still alive.

For a TV Escape Room – That was cute overall. I approve!

Dat first comment doe…
  • Bonus scenes from the next episode:
    • “You Gave My Daughter a Roofie!”
    • Sonny better be talking to his daughter in that clip. He’s so old and she looks super young!