Running a Mini Escape Game – Mobile, Pop-Up, Tent, Whatever!

I’ve been talking to many clients lately about the mechanics and logistics of operating a mini escape game inside a tent like this, so I decided to lay it all out.

Running a mini escape game means different things to different people; is it mini in size or time? Is it mobile or on-site? Do you bring it to others or set it up when you want?

Let’s talk about Mini Escape Games, not my company silly, but the concept as I see it.

A mobile – pop-up – portable – mini escape game is an activity that takes place in a small space for a small audience and takes no longer than 20 minutes.

Mini Escape Games - Regular vs Mega Escape Games


Here are 2 of the basic escape room industry concepts – now imagine a little one!

Whether in a room, a tent, a trailer, or a boat,
on a train, with a goat, in a car, in a tree,
they are so good, so good you see!
Sorry I digress

I run my mini escape games in a tent – to be specific, it is a 10′ x 10′ canopy tent commonly used in trade shows and fairs. A “pop-up” style, I can build this structure – by myself – in about 15 minutes. They often come with weights and/or stakes so they can be secured if you are outdoors.

Mini Escape Games - Canopy Tent

There are pros and cons to using these tents but I’ll get into those later.





Things to Consider When Running a Mini Escape Game

  • Your tent is 10’x10′ but this is just the game space. If you are setting up at an event, you need to consider your overall footprint. You will need more space to set up your table and for you to stand.
    • Many events (conventions, markets, trade shows, fairs, etc.) are STRICT on the square footage you are allowed. Don’t take up more space than you paid for/were allotted.
    • Make sure you consider the operational logistics of your 10’x10′ tent, and what you need outside of the tent when you book space.
  • Before you decide to attend an event with your mini escape game, consider the event.
    • How many people will be attending?
    • Will they be interested in coming back later that day for a scheduled appointment? Or are they more likely to want to play a game RIGHT NOW
    • How long do people typically spend at this event?
    • You may be better off simply marketing your business and not running a game…
  • Some events have 8′ x 8′ spaces available and you can also find tents of this size. Be careful when booking an event and make sure you will fit!
  • You should be using a mini escape game to market your facility – Draw them in
    • Offer a 10% off card to people that walk past
    • Charge patrons $10 to play your 15-minute game, and they then receive a $5 coupon for your facility
    • Get those mailing list signups!
    • Take bookings for your facility right then and there!

Mini Escape Games - Canopy Tent Game

    • A tent surrounded by vinyl or canvas walls and roof quickly becomes hot inside. Especially if you have a small group of people inside who are pumped up by adrenaline. Consider air flow when you are setting up.
      • You may want to purchase a tent that has a vented roof structure.
      • Or set up a fan in one corner to keep air circulating.
      • This applies whether the event is indoors or outdoors!
    • Along the lines of temperature – MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WHITE TENT. Don’t buy a black tent. Just don’t do it. ESPECIALLY if you are going to be setting up outside at any point.
    • You may want to have your tent custom screened with your logo. Go for it!
    • To keep people interested, run a tabletop game! A box with something written on it and a lock that they need to open. Quick and easy.
    • You may want to forego a tent completely and build a more durable structure.

Check out more of my rambling thoughts on mobile games here: Portable Pop-Up Escape Room Games

Thank you @limestonetattoo for having us at the festival this weekend! We had a blast locking people up and educating them on our company! And congrats on throwing a wicked event again this year! We can’t wait to return next year! • • • • • • • • #ygk #kingston #improbableescapes #improbableescapesygk #mobileescaperoom #tattoofestival #tattoos #limestonetattoo #lctaf #limestonecity #eikondevice #escapetheroom #roomescape #tattoofest #gettattoos

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Whew. I have lots more to say about mini escape games, particularly about the game designs themselves but I’ll put those in another post.

Are you looking to purchase a mini game design? Check out what I have to offer and send me a message!