Escape Room Date – Win the Game & a Partner?

An escape room date: being trapped in a room for 60 minutes… how on earth does that sound like a good idea for a date? Let me explain why, and I’ll even use some science to back it up:

Opening a door to love with the key

First of all, a brief overview of escape rooms: You and your partner/s are trapped inside a room where you have to solve puzzles in order to escape – teamwork is essential. It has been said that going into this game with 5 extremely highly skilled people is WORSE than going into this game with 5 average people who have great teamwork. 5 is just an arbitrary number, a lot of places allow just 2 people to participate, but if they do not, then a group date is always possible.

There are games that are specifically built for 2 people, here are a two examples:

You will be given a very elaborate, well-written back-story that will allow you to indulge in the fantasy of role-play. Once the door is locked, the feeling of danger will set in and intensity begins to rise, more and more as the game goes on.

The Suspension Bridge Effect

Escape room date - tough situations bring you together

The Suspension Bridge Effect is a phenomena described as when a person experiences danger, their hearts will start to beat faster, and this can contribute to the feeling of falling in love. The actual experiment to establish this principle was a person asked to walk across a dangerous looking bridge. After walking across the bridge, they were greeted by a member of the opposite sex. On average, the researchers found that after crossing the dangerous looking bridge, they rated the member of the opposite sex significantly higher for attractiveness than those who didn’t experience any danger. Also, they found that when asked whether they would go out with that person, they were more likely to say ‘yes’.

In the case of an Escape Room Date, by having a time constraint and a dangerous scenario to role play, this will make you more attractive to your partner (and vice versa). Imagine a time bomb ticking and you have to defuse it before time runs out – as time passes, it will only become more and more intense. You will get to experience a one hour bonding experience that climaxes at the end. Instead of a boring dinner date that gets dull as conversation topics dry out.

Falling in Love Through Eye Contact

Scientists have been successful at making complete strangers fall in love in their laboratories. One experiment had two participants (a male and female) sit face to face and ask each other personal questions. This is so they get to know each other. Next, the participants have to stare each other in the eyes for 4 minutes. How successful was the result? Well, it was successful, but no-one expected it to go this well; the studied pair would go on to marry each other just 6 months later.

In an escape room date, there will be plenty of time to look each other in the eye. You just have to add in a few questions here and there during the game – to lighten up the tension and show you don’t take everything too seriously. Also, make sure to ask her some questions before the game too, since that’s where you’ll have most the time to do so. Oh, and since you’ve read this far, here’s a present for you:

The New York Times: The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

Those are the questions that the scientist got his participants to ask each other to make them fall in love. Some of these are great for just keeping an interesting conversation going so check it out. Also, keep in mind that the questions get more and more personal as you go down the sets. So start with questions from set 1 or 2 then move on to set 3.

So Why An Escape Room Date?

An escape room date is just a great way to spend time together alone; as you are stuck in a room with no-one else, unless it’s a group date. Plus you get to take part in an activity that requires communication and teamwork. Just keep in mind a couple things: it isn’t about winning and you want your partner to feel valued and smart. You are on a date after all!

Escape Room Date - We escaped hooray!
Yay We Escaped! Why’d you bring me here Bob? It’s fun Kate!… Didn’t you have fun? Let’s go get drunk Bob.

Another great article about an escape room date here: The Guardian : I trapped myself in a room with a guy for our first date