Building a Basic Escape Game

So you’ve decided to make the plunge – a basic escape game is what you’re going to create. Are you holding a party? Surprising a loved one? Shooting for Employee of the Year?

Let’s go over some key components of escape room games so you know where to start.

A Basic Escape Game Needs:

Better Find Some Locks! You’ll Need Several Of Those

Some of the tried, tested, and reasonably true locks are shown here. These guys are very popular, for creators and enthusiasts alike, in escape room games.
First, you have your padlock. Players have a lock and a key. To make it a game, hide the key!

Then the directional lock. These are fun for the new players, an exciting type of lock to play with. The players will need to push the central button in the left-right-up-down directions in the pattern of your choosing. You can create the pattern with 2-near infinity numbers. I’ve heard of more than 20 directions being used in a puzzle.
They are notorious for jamming so be careful with repeated usage!

The next two have a pattern of 3 digits. The first lock, a luggage lock, can be customized to the 3 numbers of your choosing. The second, a standard combination lock, is provided with a combination of 3 numbers. Find a way to create a puzzle that results in an answer of 3 numbers, and you have your game!

At least the start of the game.

Boxes! Or Safes! Or Cleverly Disguised Containers That Can Be Locked Closed

Keeping your eyes out for a box that meets your game theme can be easier than buying a metal lock box and trying to fit it into the game. But if you are trying to put together a basic escape game, then there is no risk in using what is easy.

Many of the sturdy, security strong boxes have locks already built into them. Again, you simply have to hide the key (in a creative and interesting way) and then there you go!

You can also use lock boxes or storage boxes which have a hasp attached to them. These metal plates can be attached to any container and instantly provide a locking component.

Basic Escape Game - Locking Hasp

And That’s Really It!

At least in terms of parts that is. If you want to make a good escape room game, now you need to figure out how to combine the locks and the boxes in a way that is exciting. Creating a storyline is key.

But that’s for another day!




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