2018 Escape Room Events – An Evolving Calendar

june, 2021

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It occurred to me over the holiday break that it was hard to plan out the next year. I have a hard time keeping track of when another escape room related event is happening. So I decided to map it all out! For myself, and for all you escape room game enthusiasts and owners out there.

2018 Escape Room Events – A Complete List
As far as I can tell

Criteria: A large event intended for the education, awareness-building, and/or promotion of escape room games and owners. May include trade shows, conferences, special events, or just related events that may be of interest to owners of escape rooms.

Listed Chronologically

January 12-15, 2018 – New Orleans, Louisiana


Mentioned by a commenter below, this conference is coming up soon. The “Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention” looks like a great show and at a great price!

There’s a post on the site that mentions the event was purchased by a Halloween and Party Supplies store, so there will be some interesting products available here.

“HAuNTcon and Halloween & Party Expo will co-locate beginning with the 2018 event, January 12th – 15th, in New Orleans, Louisiana offering buyers an unrivaled one-stop access to the most comprehensive range of products and services to serve the needs of its customers, including Haunted Attractions, Costume Stores, Party Stores, Amusement & Theme Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Grocers, Drug Stores and Gift Stores.”

The website lists a bunch of different escape room seminars being offered.

It looks like they’re going to be building a crypt from scratch on the trade show floor! This looks pretty cool : New Crypt Creation

Tickets are still available!


February 27-March 1, 2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Amusement Expo International 2018

One I’ve never heard of before, Amusement Expo has a Menu Item titled “Virtual Reality” so take that as you will.

With 1 day of conference/seminars – February 27th, and 2 days of trade show – February 28th and March 1st, Amusement Expo may be worth your time simply for the location.

Their online presence is weak, and based on the quality of website I won’t be making a trip, but that shouldn’t stop you!

“The 2018 Amusement Expo International is the annual event for the coin-op and revenue-generating amusement, music and family entertainment industry.” 

It looks like a weaker version of IAAPA so if you were deciding between the two, definitely go for IAAPA.


March 19-23, 2018 – San Francisco, California

Game Developers’ Conference

GDC is the world’s largest professional game industry event. You’ll find international experts in all kinds of areas of game development, and while the focus is more towards video games you will still find inspiration and education from this event.

With a huge expo, tons of seminars, workshops and special speakers, your days at GDC will be packed. Not to mention all the networking events they offer.

Registration is now available – buy early and save!


March 22-25, 2018 – St.Louis, Missouri

Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show – Includes Escape Room City

Transworld is a massive trade show that also includes seminars, private tours, and networking events. Exhibitors specialize in incredible items for Halloween, haunted attractions, and the escape room game industry.


What’s Escape Room City?

“A trade show inside a trade show, dedicated exclusively to Escape Rooms”

Transworld has brought together some of the most creative Halloween/Haunt vendors who have moved into the escape room industry. You’ll find brand new technology, amazing props, and much more. They also have some dedicated seminars from escape experts.

The list of current escape room seminars can be found here: http://www.haashow.com/escape-room-seminars/ 

Buy your tickets in advance and save mucho dollars! 


May 8-9, 2018 – Breda, The Netherlands

Up The Game

The 2nd year this conference is running, Up The Game is the European offering to escape industry gatherings. The event features seminars and networking opportunities, plus some vendors showing off their stuffs.

Buy tickets in advance and save! You can also buy tickets for a shuttle from local hotels to the event site. 


May 25-27, 2018 – Columbus Ohio

Midwest Haunters Convention

Similar to the larger Transworld show, it’s run by the same people, this convention focuses only on Haunted Houses and Halloween attractions. Escape room industry folks may still be interested in attending as this audience knows their stuff. We can learn a lot from the Haunt world about props, durability, immersion, and so much more.

Again, Register online and buy your tickets in advance to save!


June 22-23, 2018 – Ulster Park, New York

Premier Haunted Attractions – Tour and Education Event

Not much is yet planned for this event, but you can expect the same quality from Transworld as they deliver at their other events. This one focuses on the Haunt industry again and includes some private tours and seminars. It does not appear to have a trade show component.

Tickets are not yet available.


July 27-29, 2018 – Nashville, Tennessee

Room Escape Show and Conference – Transworld Presents

The third show put on by Transworld, this focuses entirely on the escape room game industry. There will be seminars and workshops, alongside a large trade show floor. Expect some private tours of local escape rooms as well.

It’s not totally clear if tickets are up for sale yet… But buy in advance and save! As usual…


August 2-5, Indianapolis, Indiana

Gen Con 2018

“The largest consumer hobby, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure game convention”, Gen Con is spoken of in awed whispers and excited proclamations of attendance.

While escape rooms lay on the edges of several of those categories, with lots of overlap, the escape room board games and cross-over of designers and enthusiasts is bringing Gen Con into the escape industry.

“Attend Gen Con to check out the massive vendor selection, try out incredible games, listen to authors, and so much more.
Gen Con is the quintessential “battleground” for all types of gaming for all ages. Attendees come to participate in RPGs, TCGs, card games, board games, live-action role-playing games (LARPs), True Dungeon, miniatures, video games and other computer games. There are also plenty of hobby-related events to enjoy, such as: The Family Fun Pavilion, a Costume Contest, game auction, the largest sci-fi and fantasy art show in the country, over 300 exhibitor booths, Authors’ Avenue, anime, SPA events, seminars, panels, and workshops, Training Grounds (an area dedicated for children), films, and more.”
From the Gen Con FAQ

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Escape room industry professionals (and enthusiasts) have lots to learn from this convention.

Badge Registration for Gen Con opens January 14th 2018.


November 12-16, 2018 – Orlando, Florida

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018

This is the big deal in the attractions, amusements world. IAAPA (International Attractions and Amusement Parks Association) holds an annual Attractions Expo in Orlando that has a 40,000 sq feet trade show, tons of informative seminars and networking events, plus incredible private tours of local attractions. Yeah that’s right. Private tours of Disney World, Universal Studios and more.

IAAPA doesn’t currently cater specifically to the escape room industry, but attention is growing and more and more vendors are offering products tied to escapes. You’ll also find information and vendors about operations, immersion, technology, insurance, and so much more.

Plus you might get to test out some inflatables, or a roller coaster or two.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out IAAPA at least once.

Registration for the event has not yet opened.



That’s all the 2018 escape room events I can find right now!

If you know of any more that should be added, let me know in the comments or shoot me a Tweet!

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