Where To Play Escape Games – Around The World!

4 Countries to Visit and Play Escape Room Games

Being initially popular in Asia and Western Europe, Escape room games have started to gain much popularity all around the world. Escape room games provide one the perfect opportunity to feel like an action movie character who has to solve a riddle and escape before their adversaries arrive leading to an unfavorable scenario. So where to play escape games? Just decide on an area of the world and get started!

Keep in mind, there are usually no evil adversaries in escape room games but instead time is the villain.  Watching the clock is a major factor that plays in the player’s mind while solving all those intriguing and exciting riddles. Because escape room games have started to become an international phenomenon, we have put together a little list of Where To Play Escape Games, a global edition, so that readers and escape room game enthusiasts can go on a round-the-world trip:

  • Toronto, Canada:

    One of the most exciting places in the world to be, the bustling multicultural city of Toronto have picked up this gaming trend from Asia and ran with it.  Now escape room games have very quickly become a commonplace for the residents and tourists alike.
    Having many Escape Room games around the city, some great facilities you need to visit are:

  • Los Angeles, United States:

    Although New York City has quite a few popular escape room games, Los Angeles is the true hub of escape room games in the United States. People in Los Angeles are so hooked to this global adventure that they have a large variety of Escape Room games, differentiated into categories, throughout the city.
    The ones you really need to go experience are:

  • London, United Kingdom: 

    Looking to take the adventure to the country of Kings and Queens? Well worry not, we have got you covered. London’s growing collection of escape games has gained a lot of attention from the locals and the tourists. This has caused the escape room games enthusiasts visiting London to at least try one of its fine escape rooms.
    A few popular ones are:

  • Malaysia:

    Situated in Asia, Malaysia enjoys the fact of being one of the first countries where Escape Room games became a hit. A tourist attraction since , it attracts Escape Room enthusiasts from all around the world due to its unique and exciting Escape Room games facilities.
    Out of the many found all across Malaysia, a few of the most popular ones located in Kuala Lumpur are:

So Where to Play Escape Games?

Have you made a choice? Or do you now feel overwhelmed…

While there are a few options here in this post, this is just the beginning. There are hundreds, thousands of escape room games around the world to choose from.