Interview with an Escape Room Designer – Share Your Career

Escape Room Designer Interview

So mysterious, so interesting. So many people play escape rooms but they don’t always think about the people who make them! Well escape room designers certainly exist, and there are many of them across the world! Some work along, others work in groups, all love to build creative and challenging escape games!

Share Your Career is a local company that helps people (especially students) to make more informed career decisions. What does that mean? They go beyond the job description to see what the job really entails.

Career may be stretching the extent of my work with escape rooms, but I found this to be an exciting and challenging interview nonetheless!

A very informal interview where I chat about escape room games, game design, what I’m working on, and my background! We talked way longer then we intended so expect rambling.


Reach out to me directly if you’d like to work on a project together!