Escape Room Puzzle Concepts – Inspiration from Mobile Games

Escape room puzzle concepts are one of the tricky things of creating an escape room. An escape room puzzle is one of the activities that players will interact with to result in codes that open up locks and boxes.

Every once in a while I download another mobile app along with the themes of “Escape” or “Room” or “Puzzle” or whatever I feel like. And I play my way through while taking screenshots as I do. Why not take inspiration from established games, not to steal puzzles but to learn about concepts. Designing an escape room puzzle, one piece of a larger game requires both attention to details and attention to an overall idea.Mini Escape Games - Escape Room Puzzle - Puzzle Tiles

Escape room puzzle ideas can come from anywhere, and I’m trying to keep track of mine. I’m slowly but surely posting them on Pinterest. There are hundreds scheduled to post over the next few weeks. And I’ll continue to update more as I come across them.

I’ll do my best to source them, and to explain what’s going on, but some may be just mysterious. I take the screenshots while playing, often late at night. I may not remember the context so great days later.

Pinterest Board – Escape Room Puzzle