Escape Room Marketing – What is an Escape Room?

For escape room marketing, I’m trying out a new social media addition Animoto for something fun. It helps you quickly and easily take photos and videos to make professional looking video clips. They’re essentially snazzy looking slideshows, and perfect for your social media channels.

One of the key problems with escape room marketing is that consumers do not know what escape rooms are! So breaking it down into simple terms and key components should be the focus of your marketing. Especially to those who are not already your customers.

As an escape room owner, you likely find yourself describing escape rooms constantly. To your friends, to your family, and to anyone who walks in off the street. So I’m sure you have a set speech you use over and over again.

That speech in video form is perfect for escape room marketing! Get that speech out there on to the Interwebs!

Here’s what I came up with after less than 20 minutes, using a bunch of stock photos and some text I’m using all the time.


Now you have to pay to remove the watermark but it’s pretty good, right?

I’ve been told that this form of video could be just as easily created using Final Cut Pro, or Premiere. And the resulting video may look better, but Animoto was quick and easy and completed all within my web browser.

Videos are a great way to promote your business in a catchy way. Especially on Facebook and Instagram, where moving pictures grab attention quickly! Add in some catchy music and interesting content, and you’ve got a new customer!