Escape Games For Sale – Available Designs and Custom

I offer a few tested game designs, at a cost of $100USD each. The games are all 15 minutes long and can take place inside a 10’ x 10’ space (canopy tent tested). They do not use any tech puzzles, though you may be able to swap some in if you so wish.

These mini-games are intended as starters – for players and owners. They are basic games that are easily modified or changed to meet your needs. There is a clear method to follow in creating them so newbies to the industry can get them going, but those with more experience can easily change them – for the better!

Escape Games For Sale

Available Game Scenarios:

Hikers come across an abandoned campsite and need to figure out what happened

Someone is attacking Storyland! This game is Nursery Rhyme themed but suitable for all ages

Alice in Wonderland themed – you’re trapped in Wonderland and need to escape!

Your ship has been hit by a meteor and you’re heading for Earth, without brakes!

I can also create a custom game design for you, with a timeframe (short or full-length) and scenario of your choosing. Prices for custom game design start at $200USD.

All of my game designs come with the following components:

  • Overview
    • Story
    • Main objective
    • Group sizeMini Escape Games - Chess Game
    • Location/space
    • Time point
  • Source items and build-out list
  • Setup and reset list
  • To begin/Introduction
  • Game speech
  • Gameplay
    • Winning the game
    • Puzzle 1
    • Puzzle 2 etc.
  • After-game
  • Staging/theming
  • Flowchart
  • Floorplan

If you’re interested in any of these escape games for sale, or are looking for a different option, feel free to reach out!

I’d love to discuss your facility and your plans for expanding your reach!

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